9/11 — Two Decades later. The Toxic Dust continues to kill

Among the NYC Firefighters that have died of 9/11 related Cancer in recent years. Robert Tilearcio and William Gormley

“By the end of next month Dominic, we will have lost more responders as a result of the toxic dust, and the illnesses that it caused, then we lost on 9/11… Think about that.”- Attorney Michael Barasch

Robert Tilearcio & Bridget Gormley lost their FDNY Fathers to 9/11 Cancer
Firefighter William Gormley of Engine 310/Ladder 174 with his family

“So my father, he responded on 911, shortly after the collapse, and then he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in Dec of 2017, and then he passed away the following year in June, so six months. From Diagnosis to death.” — Bridget Gormley

Dominic Carter’s TV story

People are becoming ill, all these years later….

Fire Fighter Robert Tilearcio

“My father had Glioblastoma, which is a really aggressive brain cancer that someone would have 14 months or less to live.” -Robert Tilearcio

“Quite simply, we’re running out of money. Nobody anticipated the explosion in cancers and deaths. Not a day goes by…without one of my clients dying.” -Att. Michael Barasch

“The government said the air was safe to breath on 911 and in fact it was not….Unfortunately there was a half a million people about, give or take, breathing the air down here, south of Canal St on 911 that were affected by the dust, the abstelosls lead, and whatever else was in the air. Their now getting sick, to this day, at an alarming rate. It’s like CANCER on steroids. So it’s beyond first responders. You see now residents and office workers that are getting crazy amounts of cancer.”-Robert Tilearcio

“Our father’s aren’t here to speak for themselves now. so we like pick up the torch and carry it on. They weren’t the first, they won’t be the last. This is an issue that is going to go well into the future.’ It’s all multi-generations. You had kids that were exposed that were infants, kindergarteners, high-schoolers, all exposed, all sent back to school and saying it was fine and now you have people our age and younger, with breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, it just doesn’t end you know.” -Bridget Gormley

“I wanted to leave certain things to my family. I hope that I don’t have to end up selling my house.” -Retired NYPD Lt. John McArdle

Retired NYPD Lt. John McArdle

“I immediately got in my car, went down to my old command, `got my uniform, and headed straight down towards the trade center….I was down there for the first month and a half. I never left the site. I actually slept on a cot I had in the back of the command post.” Retired NYPD Lt. John McArdle

“We didn’t have the proper masks in the beginning, only for the simple fact that there was a flood of those masks needed, and they weren’t available. The second part of that with the mask is if you had to give any kind of orders or do anything on the radio, you needed to remove the mask to talk…and most of the time if you were a supervisor, you were talking.”Retired NYPD Lt. John McArdle

“They did send a team up from Washington. to take air samples of the site who went up in the helicopter, and it was scientists from washington like I said, and we never, ever got the results of the air test.” Retired NYPD Lt. John McArdle

Attorney Michael Barasch
Dominic Carter’s interview with Attorney Michael Barasch



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