TV Host Wendy Williams & Political Commentator Dominic Carter

Let’s start with some numbers.

36 years in Broadcasting for Wendy Williams, and her TV show is going into its 13th Season. Wendy throws down the gauntlet to me:

“I’m 56, but I know I look 36.” -Wendy Williams

“I’m a grown woman. And with a grown career.” Wendy Williams

“I planned this career. This isn’t happenstance!!! I knew in sixth grade what I wanted to be.” -Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has got it going on. Wendy may be 56 but she is a good looking woman who looks 36. Lord knows, has the personality and energy to match. Our conversation started quite nicely with the Queen of daytime talk with Wendy saying in her cheerful voice:

“Hi Dom….Hi everyone…” -Wendy Williams

Yet at the same time Wendy quickly drew a line in the sand, establishing the ground rules by telling me that she was…

Raymond Santana talks Wrongful Convictions

The Central Park Case has been on my mind, ESPECIALLY AFTER I BECAME ENRAGED WATCHING THE “TRIAL 4” SERIES ON NETFLIX. I WAS IN A PANIC AS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN FATHER OVER WHAT should never happen, but do occur within the Criminal Justice System. (Trial 4 is about a Boston man, Sean Ellis, 19 at the time, facing his 4th trial for murdering a police officer, fighting to prove his innocence and expose the corruption. He spent 20 years in Prison for a crime where ultimately prosecutors dismissed charges.)

Central Park Rape Victim Trisha Meili

Many of the things that Raymond Santana said to me in…

Political Consultant Bill O’Reilly

His name is Bill O’Reilly.

No! Not that Bill O’Reilly, (the former TV Host) but Bill O’Reilly the Political Consultant.

His family’s bloodline is quite impressive. Bill’s full name is William Frank Buckley O’Reilly. On the Buckley side, his family has been involved in America’s Conservative Politics for many, many years.

His uncle Bill Buckley founded National Review in 1955. Then another relative, Jim Buckley was a U.S. Senator from New York and a Federal Judge. Priscilla Buckley was the long-time editor at National Review.

Bill O’Reilly, now all these years later, stood in front of me, arriving with his…

New York’s Grand Central Station

We met at Grand Central Station which is not just a train transportation in the heart of New York City, but Grand Central Station is a world-famous landmark. We had to meet there because of the Corona Virus. Much of the Big Apple (like most of America and the world) is still very much affected, in uncharted territory.

Hank Sheinkopf is not just your average Political Consultant. He is very good at what he does. He helped put Bill Clinton into the White House. The Corona Virus has changed American Politics in a big way.

Coronavirus, has changed the game of politics because for the first time in a long time, the United States government has failed, failed significantly. And those failures are so evident because people are dying.” -Hank Sheinkopf

Wendy Williams, Nicole Ryan, Jaymes Vaughan, and Journalist Dominic Carter

It turned out to be quite the great experience as a guest on the Wendy Williams TV show. From the moment, you get out of the car sent by the show, security with a guy with an earpiece in his ear is waiting for you. He walks you in, takes you to an elevator.

Then when you get to the floor the elevator door opens and another security person is waiting for you to escort you into your dressing room. Of course, the producers and make-up artists are nearby and ready to go. I have done plenty of national TV…

Journalist Dominic Carter at a Bloomberg function

No doubt about it. I had a great time appearing on the radio show of Joe Piscopo. I went into the interview still remembering Joe’s skits on Saturday Night Live, including with Eddie Murphy. Now Joe has had a six year run as a top morning show host.

On this day, two days before Thanksgiving, I was invited to the studio to discuss the Presidential candidacy of former three-term NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Here is the long and short of the radio appearance on AM 970, in the New York Tri-State area. My political predictions have a pretty good track…

This was an event that intrigued me from the start.

The 2019 Leadership Conference at the New Gospel Temple Church in the Bronx New York. A homecoming for me since the Bronx is also my home borough. The borough that I have had a lifelong bond with and will always love. The memories of the Bronx is where I was raised by my grandmother and two Aunts. My cherished family members in those many different Bronx apartments that took me from, (against tremendous odds) and made me into the man I am today….without …

Rock of Holiness Deliverance Church at 2096 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn New York started in 1991, but has been at the location in the photos since 1998. It’s led by an outstanding family. Bishop Richard McKenzie, his wife Minister McKenzie, and their son, Pastor Richard McKenzie Jr.

Better Times for NYC Police Officer Robert Echeverria

It’s the recent rash that is rocking the New York City Police Department.

So far this year alone, 10 officers have taken their own lives. When it happens the department has the grim duty to notify the family. A devastating visit that no one wants. Eileen Echeverria says the “visit” in sketched in her memory for ever, and that she begged the NYPD to take away her brother’s guns.

“They came here on a Wednesday night. I was sleeping. My mother woke me up and said Eileen there’s detectives here, did something happen? I said sit down ma. I looked right at the detective and I said my brother killed himself, didn’t he? He said yes. I said I knew that. I warned you, and within two days you gave his guns back. I warned you to get him help. I begged you. This is not the first time I begged them to get him help.” -Eileen Echeverria/Sister of Robert Echeverria

In August of 2019, Robert Echeverria killed himself inside his Queens home. …

Campaign of the Children’s Advocate’s Office of Jamaica to be placed in every Police Station

We gathered in Lucea, Hanover in Jamaica.

Remember the face and certainly remember the name. Diahann Gordon Harrison, the Children’s Advocate for the Country of Jamaica. Mrs. Gordon Harrison is doing remarkable work to protect the Children of Jamaica. My career in Journalism has shown that I’m pretty accurate at making bold predictions. Here is another one. It is my strong belief that her work will soon be worldwide. On the surface, Gordon Harrison who is also an attorney, is so unassuming and soft-spoken. But she is talented, dedicated, and determined to help children. I wish someone like her was…

Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter is a TV Political Commentator and WABC Talk Radio host in NY. Dominic is a Keynote Speaker on Children issues, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.

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