A Children’s Advocate, Getting the Job Done -Diahann Gordon Harrison

Dominic Carter
9 min readSep 27, 2019
Campaign of the Children’s Advocate’s Office of Jamaica to be placed in every Police Station

We gathered in Lucea, Hanover in Jamaica.

Remember the face and certainly remember the name. Diahann Gordon Harrison, the Children’s Advocate for the Country of Jamaica. Mrs. Gordon Harrison is doing remarkable work to protect the Children of Jamaica. My career in Journalism has shown that I’m pretty accurate at making bold predictions. Here is another one. It is my strong belief that her work will soon be worldwide. On the surface, Gordon Harrison who is also an attorney, is so unassuming and soft-spoken. But she is talented, dedicated, and determined to help children. I wish someone like her was around at my hour of need all those years ago in my situation, but I’m thankful that she is in place for now and for children of the future. Gordon Harrison, (not realizing it) took me back more than 30 years, reminding me of something the Rev. Jesse Jackson would say in his 1988 Presidential Stump speech as I traveled with him covering his campaign as a reporter. Jackson’s declaration was to help mothers who seek Head Start, Day Care and Prenatal Care services “on the front side of life,” rather than society being forced to pay triple or even higher on the back side. In other words funds going towards important services now, and on education, would help prevent the tripling of building prisons later on. Here is what Mrs. Gordon Harrison told me:

“At the end of the day, It’s always better to have that chance to build a very positive child who is very valuing in self… and self-esteem than to try to fix a broken adult.” -Diahann Gordon Harrison/Children’s Advocate of Jamaica

“And so while I have never had that first hand experience of having going through childhood trauma, Thank God for that, I have seen first hand how debilitating it is, and literally shuts children down.” -Diahann Gordon Harrison/Children’s Advocate of Jamaica

Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter is a Political Commentator/WABC Radio. Dominic also is a Keynote Speaker on Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.