Bloomberg Is the Real Deal

Dominic Carter
4 min readNov 27, 2019
Journalist Dominic Carter at a Bloomberg function

No doubt about it. I had a great time appearing on the radio show of Joe Piscopo. I went into the interview still remembering Joe’s skits on Saturday Night Live, including with Eddie Murphy. Now Joe has had a six year run as a top morning show host.

On this day, two days before Thanksgiving, I was invited to the studio to discuss the Presidential candidacy of former three-term NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Here is the long and short of the radio appearance on AM 970, in the New York Tri-State area. My political predictions have a pretty good track record. I predicted Bloomberg as a Republican would win the NYC race for Mayor in overwhelming Blue New York as a political novice when few gave him any chance at all. If your confused about his political affiliation Bloomberg has always been a Democrat at heart, but switched parties because it was easier for him to get elected Mayor running as a Republican.

I predicted President Trump would win the Presidency just days after announcing his candidacy. At that time, the Republican field was crowded with 16 candidates. But I could see Trump resonating with voters in ways that no other candidate would, especially Hillary Clinton.

Now I have a new bold prediction. Michael Bloomberg has not only a good shot at the nomination, but of becoming the next President of the United States. The normal push-back of a billionaire trying to buy an election….you can’t simply check that box with Bloomberg. It’s not that easy.

Joe Piscopo and Newsman Dominic Carter

I have covered Bloomberg since 2001, and as I pointed out on the radio, in his first TV ad as a Presidential Candidate, (a 35 million dollar buy — -more than all the major Democrats running -combined have spent on TV…

Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter is a Political Commentator/WABC Radio. Dominic also is a Keynote Speaker on Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.