Bloomberg Is the Real Deal

Journalist Dominic Carter at a Bloomberg function

No doubt about it. I had a great time appearing on the radio show of Joe Piscopo. I went into the interview still remembering Joe’s skits on Saturday Night Live, including with Eddie Murphy. Now Joe has had a six year run as a top morning show host.

On this day, two days before Thanksgiving, I was invited to the studio to discuss the Presidential candidacy of former three-term NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Here is the long and short of the radio appearance on AM 970, in the New York Tri-State area. My political predictions have a pretty good track record. I predicted Bloomberg as a Republican would win the NYC race for Mayor in overwhelming Blue New York as a political novice when few gave him any chance at all. If your confused about his political affiliation Bloomberg has always been a Democrat at heart, but switched parties because it was easier for him to get elected Mayor running as a Republican.

I predicted President Trump would win the Presidency just days after announcing his candidacy. At that time, the Republican field was crowded with 16 candidates. But I could see Trump resonating with voters in ways that no other candidate would, especially Hillary Clinton.

Joe Piscopo and Newsman Dominic Carter

I have covered Bloomberg since 2001, and as I pointed out on the radio, in his first TV ad as a Presidential Candidate, (a 35 million dollar buy — -more than all the major Democrats running -combined have spent on TV ads thus far) Bloomberg proclaims to have helped bring New York City “back from the ashes” of 9/11. That is completely accurate, and is something that is often overlooked. Number two, Bloomberg has a record he can run on, most notably crime continued to drop under Bloomberg. Conventional wisdom said the continued crime drop wasn’t possible, following the record dips in the Giuliani years.

Now Bloomberg will have the liabilities of “stop and frisk,” to overcome with his police department. A law enforcement practice that targeted people of color, the same group Bloomberg will need on his way to the White House. There is also the metoo movement over his past crude sexist comments, both of which he has apologized for, but here is the bottom line backed up in poll after poll, the Democrats are in need of a moderate, THAT CAN WIN.

While Bloomberg may not be as exciting a candidate as Obama when it comes to charima…when you are around Bloomberg in a one-on-one setting, or in person, he does not come off as an arrogant billionaire, but rather someone you can not only talk to but in some regards, relate with.

His strategy of missing the first four states, to compete in delegate-rich Super Tuesday (March 3rd) may sound odd to some. But, what if no Democrat emerges with major momentum, and Bloomberg holds his own on Super Tuesday, which includes states like California and Virginia. Bloomberg has the potential to change the narrative on Super Tuesday, and he is the only Democrat that thus far has the potential to compete in all the Super Tuesday states, which includes expensive TV markets.

Don’t you see, this scenario is almost hand-picked for Bloomberg.

The only other down side for Bloomberg RIGHT NOW, (DNC leadership could change the criteria) is by not accepting campaign donations from the public, he won’t qualify for the debates. (a candidate has to prove their viability with small donations from Americans) But believe me when I tell you that Bloomberg will spend the money to make sure his message is heard.

Back then, the Democratic candidates in a run-off canceled each other out, (Fernando Ferrer/looking to make history as New York’s first Latino mayor, and Mark Green) The Democratic primary was actually on September 11th, 2001, and was immediately canceled once the planes hit the towers. Green would ultimately win the Democratic nomination, and thought because New York is overwhelmingly blue, that he would naturally beat Bloomberg, and cruise to victory.

That was a terrible miscalculation Democrats made in 2001 as it relates to Bloomberg. History can….and probably will repeat itself if the other Democratic candidates sleep on Bloomberg again this time around.

Dominic Carter is a TV Political Commentator and WABC Talk Radio host in NY. Dominic is a Keynote Speaker on Children issues, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.

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