Dominic Carter’s Day on the Wendy Williams TV Show

Dominic Carter
3 min readDec 22, 2019
Wendy Williams, Nicole Ryan, Jaymes Vaughan, and Journalist Dominic Carter

It turned out to be quite the great experience as a guest on the Wendy Williams TV show. From the moment, you get out of the car sent by the show, security with a guy with an earpiece in his ear is waiting for you. He walks you in, takes you to an elevator.

Then when you get to the floor the elevator door opens and another security person is waiting for you to escort you into your dressing room. Of course, the producers and make-up artists are nearby and ready to go. I have done plenty of national TV show before, but never one as lively as when you are in your dressing room, you can hear from the set, the in-house disc jockey is blasting the music….entertaining the crowd. It’s almost like a great time at a nightclub.

Among the topics we discussed in the Hot Talk on-air segment were: Racist social media posts discovered by entertainer Camilla Cabello from 7 years ago. She apologized, saying she was 15 at the time, ignorant, and embarrassed. The question: Is being young a good enough excuse?

Another topic was the TV Show “Empire” (Showrunner Brett Mahoney) is thinking about bringing Jusse Smollet back for the series finale. He said: It would be weird to end the show without him.” Is this a good idea?

And the third and final topic that we had time for was: A new study says Millennials are getting anxiety over “Secret Santa” in the workplace because they don’t want to be judged for being cheap. 35% of them want Secret Santa banned at work.

So about an hour in our dressing rooms, we still hadn’t seen Wendy Williams in person, UNTIL the producers walked us down a flight a stars into the studio. As we waited backstage, with only a wall separating us from the studio audience, the photos of Nicole Ryan, Jaymes Vaughan, and…

Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter is a Political Commentator/WABC Radio. Dominic also is a Keynote Speaker on Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.