From the Gutter to the White House - Political Consultant Hank Sheinkopf talks Corona Virus & Presidential Race

New York’s Grand Central Station

We met at Grand Central Station which is not just a train transportation in the heart of New York City, but Grand Central Station is a world-famous landmark. We had to meet there because of the Corona Virus. Much of the Big Apple (like most of America and the world) is still very much affected, in uncharted territory.

Hank Sheinkopf is not just your average Political Consultant. He is very good at what he does. He helped put Bill Clinton into the White House. The Corona Virus has changed American Politics in a big way.

Coronavirus, has changed the game of politics because for the first time in a long time, the United States government has failed, failed significantly. And those failures are so evident because people are dying.” -Hank Sheinkopf

We all see that some public officials across the country have stepped up in a big way. Is it enough? Absolutely not, unless you live in that region. Standing there in Grand Central Station, Sheinkopf told me: “the failure of government, the federal government to function overall…. that slacks been taken up by local officials like Andrew Cuomo, (Governor of NY) and others… and those there are those that have failed like, the Mayor of the City of New York is a complete and utter failure.” (Bill de blasio) Sheinkopf says the truth of the matter is… the Corona Virus has exposed many politicians for what they are. He says they are like pinup dolls.

“The inner capacity to manage a crisis tells us that what we’re doing really, is electing people who are almost pinup dolls! They don’t do the work. They’re not there to manage a crisis, but they’re there to get elected because they run campaigns done by people like me, that somehow convince other people they should vote for them, when in fact, they’re not competent to do the work.” -Hank Sheinkopf

Political Consultant Hank Sheinkopf

Sheinkopf says part of the successful job for politicians is convincing people that things are going to be okay.

The point from Sheinkopf, it’s that type of leadership in short supply. Then he turned to the current occupant in the White House. President Trump. He even worked for Trump at one time in 1999, and pointed out businessman Trump paid him every dollar he was owed.

“That being said, this guy is…. the guy in the white house right now is extraordinary. I mean, I in the interest of disclosure, like most of the world in New York City, I was…. Donald Trump had me do a job in 1999. I got paid, I’m happy to say every dollar. Everybody in the region has worked for Donald Trump at some point or another. So one guy running for mayor said I can’t hire you. As you worked for Donald Trump. I said when I was 22 years ago! By the way, I’d be more concerned I said to him, about who you did business with than who Hank Sheinkopf did business with. Because who Hank shank did business with… it’s not going to be on a television screen, but you are.”-Hank Sheinkopf.

Dominic Carter’s Podcast

But let’s stop here for a moment. Hank Sheinkopf is a top political consultant, but he also has a personal story as it relates to his life. Like myself, and so many Americans, he had a rough upbringing. Foster Care, and group homes are part of his life. I said to him:

Sheinkopf didn’t mess a beat in terms of his response. He admitted he doesn’t like to talk about it, but there is an exception.

“I The only reason I’ve talked about it over the years is to frankly, try to be an inspiration to people… Black, White, Latino, or anybody else, that anything is possible. I mean, my mother was 15. My father was 19. I was abandoned at seven. I lived in all kinds of places. And ultimately, you know, I was out of the house. I used to fight my way… in the house…. down the street…. in the house with my stepfather. I lived with my mother for a couple of years with him. And I… you know, I had deviated septum to this day for three reasons. One, because I couldn’t keep my hands to myself as a kid. Two, because my stepfather and I used to go through it, and three because I still couldn’t keep my hands to myself until I calmed down.”-Hank Sheinkopf

“So you were in a group home at one point?” I counted.

“Yes… but you know what, I dropped out of high school and a family took me in and I was lucky. You know, I got a shot! If it wasn’t for free University in New York City I would have never gone to college. It was out of the question. And I would guess that if it hadn’t been for a couple other things, you know, I would have been a Master Criminal probably done my third bit…on the rock, Rikers Island or in upstate New York with with my Black friends.”-Hank Sheinkopf

I have enormous respect for Sheinkopf. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but like me, and countless others, he made it. How could one NOT respect him. So of course it’s time to turn to the Presidential Race.

“I think today Donald Trump wins. This is August of 2020. I predicted…. I’m one of the idiots who predicted in May of 2016, that Donald Trump would be the president. I said in January, he would be the Republican nominee. People laughed me out of the room. Why? Because the people in the streets don’t want Joe Biden elected. It’s that simple!!! They want a revolution because AOC and the left wing, the Democratic Party really doesn’t want Joe Biden elected. They’re creating a social movement! She refers to this as a movement, not as a party activity. Issue is, and anybody who studies social movements knows that until you have a law passed, resolving the social movement needs, it doesn’t go out of business. They don’t want to go out of business. The attacks on the democratic party with insider significant…. Medicare for all sounds great, but why don’t you just finish destroying the unions who then won’t be able to negotiate anything. Unless we have unionization and we do things in a serious way to talk about close the income gap….We’re not going to close the race gap. We’re not going to close anything. And I don’t think the democrats are prepared for that real discussion. They’re getting their money from the same place as everybody else is. They’re just lying about it.”-Hank Sheinkopf

“The polls show Joe Biden way ahead. You don’t buy it Hank Sheinkopf?”-Dominic Carter

Before Corona Virus Days. Dominic Carter & Hank Sheinkopf

And then there are the Investigations. That was our next topic of discussion.

“By looking into looking into this President?”-Dominic Carter

“My betting is….. his Trick Card, which no one’s seen…. is Michael Cohen.”-Hank Sheinkopf

“And Michael Cohen is going to get even and how is he going to do that by telling the truth.” -Hank Sheinkopf

“One way or the other. He was gonna tell the truth. He will sell that book by telling the truth and Cy Vance will be listening to every word.” -Hank Sheinkopf

“And a judge recently sided with Michael Cohen in terms of letting him back out of prison. In terms of the book. Apparently the Justice Department wanted to gag him.”-Dominic Carter

“Well, I’m glad you said that Dominic. The idea of the Justice Department gagging free speech should be a warning to everybody to pay attention. That these signs of the destruction of freedom and the capacity to live as Americans…. whether we like the racial conditions or not….and anybody with a brain doesn’t!!! Whether we think that the income gap is real or not…we should!!!! But the fact that our freedom to express ourselves as under attack should be a warning sign to everyone who cares about Democracy.”-Hank Sheinkopf

“Now, let me ask you this question. Back to the presidential race, Joe Lockhart… President Clinton’s former press secretary, wrote an op ed urging Biden not to debate President Trump. I don’t know if he could do that with the federal election rules and matching funds and so on. But is that something that that you would subscribe to?”-Dominic Carter

“Black Lives Matter.”-Dominic Carter

“The protests taking place throughout America, In fact, throughout the world, your take on all of this?

“I’m going to close this way. If Trump loses the election, does he leave office quietly?”-Dominic Carter

“And so you believe he may not go quietly?”-Dominic Carter

“He’s not going to leave. Why? Because he believes this is his due and he will try to destroy everyone in the process.”-Hank Sheinkopf

“Will Republicans keep the Senate.”-Dominic Carter

“And so we may see Charles Schumer, someone we both know very well, as the majority?”-Dominic Carter

“It’s a long way from Brooklyn from Sheepshead Bay where I first met him campaigning….to the Majority Leader’s office in the US Senate, but you have to give the guy credit because he’s gotten there. He will get there.”-Hank Sheinkopf

Presidential Debate. Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton. Click here to see Dominic Carter’s 2008 interview with Trump where he praised the Clinton’s.

“Brother Hank Sheinkopf, I close this way. We mentioned Trump. We mentioned Biden….. Why did Hillary Clinton lose the election?” -Dominic Carter

You can reach Dominic Carter here or at Twitter: @Dominictvradio

Dominic Carter appears on the Wendy Williams National TV Show

Dominic Carter is a TV Political Commentator and WABC Talk Radio host in NY. Dominic is a Keynote Speaker on Children issues, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.

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