Hakeem Jeffries: Democratic Leadership Fast Track

Dominic Carter
5 min readDec 18, 2018
Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and Political Reporter Dominic Carter

The Good News for Democrats.

Led by Nancy Pelosi, Democrats re-elected their top three leaders, all of whom are nearing 80 years of age and have been in power for more than a dozen years.

The Bad News for Democrats.

Led by Nancy Pelosi, Democrats re-elected their top three leaders, all of whom are nearing 80 years of age and have been in power for more than a dozen years

The same good, can be just as easily, the negative. Democratic House leaders have plenty of tenure and experience on their side, but new members want…well…. new leadership in the next few years. They want fresh blood.

A change in the top leadership ranks for Democrats may come sooner rather than later.

To appease them and stay in power, considering initially she didn’t have the votes for her second round as Speaker of the House, even Pelosi called herself a “transitional” figure. Enter into the picture Congressman Hakeem Jeffries. A photogenic, witty, Obama-like official representing Brooklyn New York, who is only 48 years old. A great, great journalist from the NY Times, Jonathan Hicks, who is deceased told me about 20 years ago that Jeffries was on a fast track to success from when Jeffries was in the New York State Assembly. Johnathan told me that Jeffries was a “sleeper,” and to keep my eye on him.

Having won the number 5 leadership spot among House Democrats, Jeffries is already being talked about openingly as one day, the Speaker of the House

The Congressman and Political Anchor Dominic Carter

Jeffries is not denying the speakership one day is a possibility. We sat down for an interview for Verizon FiOS TV News/RNN. You can click here to see the TV Story done by Dominic Carter or, You can hear the audio here.

Besides, the deprecating humor, catch in particular what Jeffries said at the end of the quote below, striking a tone of optimism: “If you do the job well, who knows what the future will hold.”

“There is talk that in the very near future, the next couple of years, that you might be the Speaker of the House?” Political Anchor and Reporter Dominic Carter

“Well apparently my mother has done a great job circulating talking points throughout the City and the Nation. But let me simply say I’m just privileged to be represent the people of the 8th congressional district in Brooklyn and Queens and privileged to serve as the Chair of the House Democratic caucus moving forward and look forward to doing that job. If you do it well, who knows what the future will hold. -Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

We met at Jeffries District office, and in his office are several large photos of Shirley Chisholm. In 1968, Chisholm became the first black woman elected to the United States Congress.

By all accounts, Jeffries is a rising star being elected to the number 5 leadership spot among House Democrats. We took on a number of hot-button topics.

With a possible budget shutdown looming, Jeffries say Americans will not be held hostage.

“Congressman Jeffries, Do Democrats feel pressured to work out a deal on a potential looming shutdown?”

“Well a shutdown is not good for anyone, particularly in the days leading up to the holidays and the Christmas season, however Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. It is there responsibility to fund the government.”-Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

“It is ridiculous that Donald Trump would want to shut down government, a few days before Christmas, in order to fund a ridiculous boarder wall that he claimed Mexico would pay for it. If Mexico was going to pay for this wall, go negotiate with them, stop holding the American People hostage.” -Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

I moved on to Health Care.

“The Court ruling on Health Care, the Affordable Care Act. How do Democrats respond. Some want Single payer. Others want it to remain in place. What do Democrats do?”

“Well this is an unfortunate attack led by the right wing on access to high quality, affordable health care in the United States of America. We must begin by strengthening the Affordable Care Act, and ensuring that protections against discrimination toward people with pre-existing conditions remain in place, consistent with the Affordable Care Act that was put into law in 2010. We then need to build upon a strengthened Affordable Care Act to continue our march towards universal access to health care.”

“The United States is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. It should not be the case, that a single individual in this country, the North, the South, the East and the West can encounter a medical challenge and not have the ability to be appropriately treated.” -Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

“How do you see Democrats responding to this?”

“Well I think we are going to respond aggressively. In terms of, one of our early orders of business in the new Congress, once we seize the majority on January 3rd, to make sure that we address whatever frailties allegedly exist, according to the Judge’s decision, which appeared to be highly partisan in nature, while at the same time continuing to challenge that decision, and support the legal process before the 5th circuit in New Orleans and ultimately perhaps, before the Supreme Court.” -Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

Keeping Members in Line. Progressive Caucus versus the Establishment

“Your now part of leadership….come very soon. Do Democrats face a problem, in terms of keeping everyone in line. You have the progressive caucus versus the establishment. Will Speaker Pelosi have the same problem that Boehner had with the Freedom Caucus?”

“Well no one is a better vote counter and coalition builder than Nancy Pelosi. And so I’ve got all the confidence in the world that she along with the rest of the Democratic leadership team are going to work with, and respect everyone’s point of view to bring us together to discuss the issues and priorities that we should be advancing upon the American People. Harsh out whatever differences we may have, and then come together as a team, and execute plays on behalf of the American People. “ -Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

Congressman Joe Crowley’s loss in Queens to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opened up the leadership job as Caucus Chairman for Jeffries.

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