A Great day for Dominic. Enjoying the back roads of America. Here, the Great State of South Carolina. June 2018

These days I greatly appreciate the small things in life. Getting away from the grind, Not often, but sometimes. Never thought I would be a person to enjoy having solitude, a moment to catch your breath from the rigors of life.

Just recently, I was the keynote at a Child Abuse conference in South Carolina. I brought my God-Daughter along, who is now a grown woman. It’s a bit odd comprehending that my daughter Courtney, and my God-Daughter are grown women. My God-Daughter’s name is Rochelle Wood, and Rochelle lives in Gaffney, South Carolina.

2018 Cultural and Linguistic Competency Summit in Columbia

So the “Ping Pong” Trip went like this

As a frequent flyer, speaking around the Country and Canada, I always try my best for direct flights from destination to destination. They save hours of my time. On this trip, I flew from New York to Charlotte, drove about an hour to Gaffney S.C. to pick up Rochelle. Had to go back to Alamo car rental at the airport in Charlotte because of a bureaucratic matter but I love doing business around America with Alamo. Then from Charlotte, we drove on about an hour and a half to the conference location in Columbia.

The next day, the conference was held at the local baseball stadium for the minor league team, (Columbia Fireflies) and that afternoon where it was 100 degrees, we drove four hours to Atlanta, where I wanted to spend some quality time visiting my long-time friends Randolph Codrington, and John Williams. Thank God for air conditioning.

48 hours later Rochelle and I had to drive back to Gaffney from Atlanta to drop her off. Rochelle drove. That same evening I drove back from Gaffney to Columbia to speak and give my testimony at Bethlehem Baptist Church the next morning at 7 am, which was Sunday. Bethlehem is led by a tremendous leader, the Reverend Dr. Anthony A. McCallum, and then drive back to Charlotte to go home. Oh by the way, this now was Father’s Day, and my 54th birthday was only 8 hours away.

Randolph Codrington and Dominic’s God-Daughter Rochelle Wood in Atlanta. Dominic and Randy have been friends for 40 years.
Dominic’s long-time friend John and his son having a pre-father’s day breakfast in Atl

I have also recently returned from speaking at Child Abuse, and Mental illness conferences in Missouri, Connecticut, and Michigan.

My point is simple. As a TV Political reporter, covering a lot of federal corruption trials these days, author (you can order a copy of my book here on my website) and public speaker, my life consists of non-stop events, and TIME is one thing that is becoming increasingly difficult for me.

Take time to enjoy the small things in life. Things that don’t have any monetary value, but pay huge dividends when it comes to your happiness and mental well-being.

What I’m trying to tell you is that when you stop for a moment, you will find that LIFE is beautiful. Just like for me, pulling over on the side of the road that day in South Carolina to look at the cows. A beautiful creation of God.

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Dominic Carter is a Political Commentator/WABC Radio. Dominic also is a Keynote Speaker on Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.

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Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter is a Political Commentator/WABC Radio. Dominic also is a Keynote Speaker on Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.