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4 min readFeb 27, 2024

Laken Riley: A Terrible Violent Georgia Death. She Was Fighting for her Life

22-year-old Laken Riley. A Migrant has been charged with her Murder.

On Instagram, a woman named “yovi1575” posted this comment to me:

This has to stop! Mr. President close the borders and take a look at what you have created in New York City. New York City is a scary place to live in because of all the migrants and the crimes they are committing. — Instagram Comment from yovi1575

Tragically, this Migrant situation is going from bad to worse.

A Migrant who entered the country illegally through El Paso Texas has been charged with murder and the death of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley.

Know her name Laken Riley!!! Found dead on campus with quote: “visible injuries,” as stated by Police after going for a run.

That’s all Laken did. She didn’t harm anybody. She didn’t say anything bad to anybody. She happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and a migrant that shouldn’t even be in this country allegedly took her life and God only knows did whatever to her. Police in their News Conference made the situation very clear: UGA Chief of Police Jeff Clark went before the cameras.

“We are obtaining arrest warrants for Jose, Antonio Ibarra,26 years of age.” “He lives here in Athens. But he’s not a US citizen.” — UGA Chief of Police Jeff Clark

Not a US citizen. As you might expect, this immediately dominated television news headlines, especially, in Georgia. Former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker appeared on the Fox News Channel discussing the situation.

I hate to beat this immigration issue, border issue to death here. But you can draw a direct line between the open borders and this death. We don’t know who’s coming across the border. You know, this, this young man didn’t just…

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