NYPD Suicides at Alarming Levels Officer Robert Echeverria

Dominic Carter
6 min readSep 29, 2019
Better Times for NYC Police Officer Robert Echeverria

It’s the recent rash that is rocking the New York City Police Department.

So far this year alone, 10 officers have taken their own lives. When it happens the department has the grim duty to notify the family. A devastating visit that no one wants. Eileen Echeverria says the “visit” in sketched in her memory for ever, and that she begged the NYPD to take away her brother’s guns.

“They came here on a Wednesday night. I was sleeping. My mother woke me up and said Eileen there’s detectives here, did something happen? I said sit down ma. I looked right at the detective and I said my brother killed himself, didn’t he? He said yes. I said I knew that. I warned you, and within two days you gave his guns back. I warned you to get him help. I begged you. This is not the first time I begged them to get him help.” -Eileen Echeverria/Sister of Robert Echeverria

In August of 2019, Robert Echeverria killed himself inside his Queens home. His sister, has become an outspoken advocate and put the situation in a way everyone can relate too, and should relate too.

“I’m a type one diabetic. I take insulin every day. Do you blame me for that? No. So if you go through a depression, should I blame you? No! It happens.” -Eileen Echeverria/Sister of Robert Echeverria

Eileen Echeverria says her family will never be the same. You can click on photo for full Audio interview.

Robert Echeverria problems came into sharp focus in 2012. His sister says he had a tumultuous relationship with his wife and had been driven into financial ruin. Eileen Echeverria who was near tears the entire…



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